Membership in the Macon Rotary Club

Any club member who wishes to propose a new member should follow these steps:

  1. Find a potential member who is a decision maker and/or executive in their profession
  2. Before contacting the potential member, check with the Membership Chair and Classification Committee to see if there is a conflict regarding Classification or otherwise
  3. Complete and sign a membership application. Secure a digital photo if possible.
  4. Give application to Membership Chair, Secretary or President
  5. The Membership Chair will pass the application to the Classification Chair and the Committee will rule on validity of classification. Once approved and signed by the Committee, then
  6. Membership Chair takes the application to the board for approval
  7. Once the board approves, the potential member's name is published in the Throbs newsletter for 10 days. Any member with an objection must present this in writing to the President, and it will be discussed at board meeting. (The objecting member's name will be kept confidential).
  8. Once approved, the Membership Chair gives the application to the Orientation Committee which will arrange a visit and orientation.
  9. The Sponsor and President will coordinate a meeting where the new member will be inducted.

Application Form:

  • Applications are now submitted online. If you are interested in membership, please contact any of our Club officers and we can email you a link to the application

New Member Orientation:

Download the orientation program as a PDF:

Click for PDF Document


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